Our Style Blog

Welcome to our first blog! At Expressions we feel clothing should feel as good as it looks!  We are true to this when buying, working with customers and dressing ourselves.  We love beautiful fabrics and quality designs. That said, it is all about fit and how we learn about fit is from you, the customer.  We encourage our customers to give us feedback about their wardrobe needs and desires. The best days for us at the shop are days when we’ve helped disillusioned women pull together new outfits that make them feel incredible.  Hearing a phrase like “I never thought I could wear this and I love it”, tells us we are doing our job!  We want our customers to embrace the process of self expression through dressing well.  We know looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

“Our Style Blog” will be a place where we share our style tips, new arrivals, inspirations, store events and downtown happenings.  Just like finding your own style, this is all a work in progress and we look forward to doing it with you.

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